Why Volusia County is Great for Home Landscape?

Why Volusia County is Great for Home Landscape?Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River, Volusia County offers the best conditions for thriving home landscapes. With just a little effort and investment, you can have a picturesque outdoor space in this sunny corner of Florida.

But what conditions make the ideal place for a backyard oasis? Here’s why Volusia County is great for a home landscape.

Fertile Soil

Volusia County features some of the best soils in Florida, perfect for growing lush vegetation. The nutrient-rich soil is ideal for establishing trees, shrubs, and other plants that serve as the foundation of your outdoor space.

While the county has 77 different naturally occurring soil types, the typical soil is primarily sandy loam. This mixture provides enough chemical makeup, minerals, and organic matter to support the growth of a beautiful garden. Plus, its drainage capabilities make it an excellent option for areas prone to flooding.

Firm Soil for Large or Small Trees

Not only is Volusia’s soil rich and fertile, but it also offers firm support for trees of all sizes. Whether you want to plant a single sapling or an entire grove of majestic oaks, the ground in Volusia will provide a secure anchor for your trees.

The sandy loam allows for adequate aeration and drainage, allowing small roots to expand as the tree grows. It also makes installing sod or grass around your trees easier, providing a lush backdrop for your landscape.

Warm Weather and Good Average Rainfall

Lack of water discourages most people from having a home landscape. Fortunately, Volusia County enjoys a warm climate all year round. It has average temperatures ranging from 75°F to 90°F. It’s easy to maintain a flourishing garden without over-watering or constantly monitoring the irrigation schedule.

What’s more? Volusia County gets an average of 53.37 inches of rain annually. That ensures your trees and lawn look green and healthy throughout the year. (1)

Furthermore, the rain distribution is even throughout the year. You will never have to worry about your plants getting too little or too much water.


A home landscape with trees and beautiful foliage can give any yard a unique and inviting atmosphere.

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