What You Need to Know About Hazard Trees

Hazard trees in your property can be very dangerous. Some homeownersHazard Trees Port Orange put off removing these hazard trees for later with thoughts that it wouldn’t fall down just yet. Many who think this way end up with a tree over their car or roof, or the neighbor’s property. Worse when this tree hurts members of your family. While you have the chance, it is best to call tree experts to fix or remove a hazard tree.

A tree that has defects in its structure and is in danger of falling down is considered hazard trees. Those with branches or limbs that are already weak, trees that are sick or even dead may also be identified as hazard trees. You don’t have to be a tree expert to go through a thorough inspection of the trees in your property. A quick checkup can reveal whether a tree is potentially hazardous and must be treated or removed.

Some telling signs that a tree is hazardous are the following:
A tree is leaning to its side instead of standing tall
Cracks around the tree’s trunk or bark
Growth of mushrooms on the tree’s roots or trunk
Sizable dead branches
Insect infestation

If any of these signs are present on a tree in your backyard, then it is certainly time to reach out to experts. Remember: prevention is always better than finding a solution when the problem is already there. If you could avoid tree accidents or damage to your property brought about hazard trees, then solve the problem even before it comes.

So what can a tree contractor do to a hazard tree?

First of all, if a hazard tree can still be saved, then the contractor would try to do so. Tree trimming, pruning or even fertilizing to promote healing may be possible options. However, immediate action must be done. For instance, if a sick tree is located very close to your home and storm season is coming soon, then it must be removed already. Of course, human life is the top priority. If a tree poses danger to you and your family, then tree removal is necessary. A reliable tree contractor would also inspect other trees you have in your property so that future issues can be prevented as well.

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