What Trees To Remove Before A Hurricane in New Smyrna Beach

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season Port OrangeHurricanes can be devastating to homeowners in New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding areas. The strength of the wind leads to destruction of trees, homes, and other structures.

Removing any trees that could pose a threat is important to minimize the damage caused by the storms. But the decision on which tree should be removed in New Smyrna Beach can be overwhelming. With the right know-how, you can be able to make a decision on which tree should be removed.

Below, we discuss the tell-tale signs of trees that should be removed before the hurricane hits.

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1) Trees that are dead or are dying

These trees are more likely to fall and cause damage to your property or even hurt people. If you have any trees on your property that are dead or dying, ‌remove them before the hurricane season.

2) Trees that are leaning

Split or rotten trunks are also a sign of a weak tree that is more likely to fall over in high winds. Trees that can’t support themselves are likely to be blown away by the wind.

3) Trees that have weak or shallow roots

Trees with shallow roots are not able to withstand the winds of hurricanes, hence likely to be uprooted. Weak wood can break and fall, which can cause property damage and even injure or kill people.

The key here is to just keep a general eye on all of your trees. If they look weak or vulnerable, then you might want to take some precautionary action to ensure safety.

4) Trees that are close to power lines

With the strong winds, trees or branches might be blown towards (or into) the power lines. Their contact will probably cause fire or blackouts and be a safety hazard. If you have trees close to power lines, you might want to remove or trim them before the hurricane hits.

5) Trees that are close or hanging over buildings

Trees close to buildings can pose a danger, as they may fall on structures and cause damage during a hurricane. They can also damage the building’s foundation and block windows and doors, making evacuation difficult.

6) Trees with broken branches

Of course, you also have to trim branches that could potentially fall and cause damage. And if you have any broken branches, you may also want to consider removing them. 

7) Trees that can damage underground utilities

If the winds uproot these trees, they will bring underground utilities such as electrical lines, water pipes, and sewers out of the ground. 

8) Those that can block roads and impede evacuation

You should also remove structurally unfit trees along roads before the hurricane hits. These trees are likely to fall on the streets and paralyze movement. 

9) Damage pool screen

You should remove trees close to the pool as they can be blown to the screen, breaking it. And we all know there are lots of trees in and around New Smyrna Beach. Also, branches and twigs that look weak should be trimmed off before a hurricane hits.

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To summarize, trees that pose the greatest threat to your property should be uprooted, and trees that can cause damage are the ones you should look out for before the hurricane hits.

Reach out to an expert to help you identify trees that pose a danger to your homestead. Also, professional tree removers in New Smyrna Beach can help you safely remove the identified trees. If you’re a resident or business in Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, or DeLand, make sure to contact us for a free quote today.

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