What is Stump Grinding?

Stump Grinding Port OrangeAfter a tree is removed from your property, a stump is left behind. Some property owners choose to leave them as is while others understand the benefits of removing these stumps as well. While stump removal services are commonly offered by many tree contractors, you may request for stump grinding too.

Using power equipment with a grinder on its end, the stump is literally broken down into tiny pieces. Stump grinding is best done by a tree professional because they know how to do it properly and they’re equipped to get it done too. Of course, you may also request for stump removal services the way you prefer it. The stump may be removed as a whole also with a tree professional’s help.

The Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump removal is necessary. It helps prevent future growth from a tree stump, possible diseases that may spread to other healthy trees in your garden, and stumps can cause accidents too. Furthermore, stumps aren’t really beautiful to look at especially if you have a landscaped garden. That stump left behind isn’t such an attractive sight.

Stump grinding offers a number of benefits. Among them are the following:

1. Quick and Easy

Compared to traditional stump removal, grinding stumps make the job way faster. Since you’re using power equipment to do the job, you can do it double time compared to trying to pull out an entire stump from the ground. As long as you get help from experts, the job is pretty easy too.

2. Mulch for Your Garden

Another great benefit of stump grinding is you can come up with a lot of mulch after the process. You can choose to keep this and use it for your garden.

3. Minimal Damage

You don’t have to dig through the ground or damage the surrounding plants and grass. The stump grinder can target the stump directly and it would be easy for the contractor to work on that stump only. Its surroundings will remain untouched.

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