Types of Oak Trees in Florida

Types of Oak Trees in Florida

When people think of trees in Florida a picture of an orange tree often comes up in their minds. Although orange trees can be found in abundance in Florida, they do not even come close to the number of oak trees that are found in the state. Once hearing this, it leads many people to wonder just exactly what types of oak trees in Florida are the most abundant? Let’s start by saying that there are well over 16 main types of oak tree family’s that grow in the state and some of these have many different species of them too. So this article will stick to discussing the few most common types of Florida oak tree families.

Chapman’s Oak (Quercus Chapmanii)

These are a smaller type of oak tree but nonetheless are very sturdy. They rarely if ever grow over 24 feet in height and their trunks are similarly small in size. Chapman’s oaks are a member of the evergreen family and they produce small flowers at the ends of their branches at certain times of year that eventually turn into small acorns. This rugged tree that features leathery and coarsely veined leaves thrives in coastal and inland areas where there is abundant sand pine scrub. 

Sand Live Oak (Quercus Geminata)

If you want an oak tree that is short in stature and as tough as they come, the sand live oak would be your tree of choice. They seldom reach heights that are over 30-feet tall and they feature rugged bark that is thick and heavily ridged. The leaves it produces are very rough to the touch and feature thick coarse veins. They are an evergreen type oak tree that does not produce any type of significant flower at any time of the year. Live sand oaks can be found thriving in many areas of Florida such as coastal dunes, sand pine scrub, and also in or near coastal hammocks. 

Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)

No article that talks about the types of oak trees in Florida would be complete without mentioning the standard live oak. These trees are planted all over the state because of how hardy they are, how much shade they provide, and how wind-resistant they are. Live oak trees typically grow to heights above 40-50 feet and their canopies can be just as wide if not wider. They also have massive trunks that can reach up to 48 inches in diameter. Although they don’t look like it, they are actually considered to be an evergreen tree. That’s because they retain their leaves until new leaves are ready to come in. There are over 400 species in this oak family. 

Southern Red Oak (Quercus Falcata)

Here is one of the beats of the Florida oak family. This family of oaks typically reaches 70 to 80-feet in height with trunks that are up to 3-feet in diameter. They are found in abundance in the state not only because of how nice they look and how sturdy they are but also because of how well they thrive in the infertile and dry soil found throughout much of the state. This oak is also sometimes referred to as a Spanish oak. It features leaves that are similar in shape to maple leaves except they have much longer extensions coming out of the center of the leaf. 

Myrtle Oak (Quercus Myrtifolia)

Here is an oak that does not grow nearly as tall as it cousins. They usually do not exceed 35 feet in height. It’s an evergreen type oak tree that often is found growing alongside other myrtle oaks to form a thicket in sandy soils near the beach. These types of oak trees in Florida are extremely salt-tolerant and can be found growing in all parts of the state. This tree is also known for its unusual leaves that are shaped like a human tongue. 

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