Trimming Oak Trees

trmming oak trees port orange

If you have an oak tree in your yard you are very lucky. These sturdy trees hold up well in all types of weather and provide much-needed shade to areas around them. It’s also true that at some point you will have to consider trimming oak trees that are in your yard. Just because of their sheer size that’s not easy to do. Some oak trees can reach over 100 feet tall and can be equally as wide. Here is what’s involved when it comes to trimming these giant trees.

You Will Need Special Equipment

Once again, because of their large size, it takes special equipment to trim an oak tree. You will need some type of lift to get you higher up in the tree and safety harnesses to prevent falling. There will also need to be saws and other trimming equipment placed on long poles to get the job done right. This is so you can reach hard to get a place while trimming oak trees on your property. Trimming oak trees can be extremely dangerous if precautions are not taken and it can also harm the health of the oak tree if the special equipment needed for the job is not used properly. 

It Takes Special Know-How

To undertake trimming oak trees in your landscaping, you will also have to possess certain knowledge to do it. Such as the best time to trim oak trees is usually between January and March so they can quickly heal in the spring growing season if they are harmed in any way during the process. Pruning and cutting the oak trees back will also need to be done at specific angles because if it’s not done that way it will harm an oak tree. Oak trees that are harmed during the process and do not have their wounds properly sealed may not ever recover. Knowing how to seal wounds is important because if it’s not done right it can lead to disease and fungus growth or the resulting week spots may encourage insect infestation. There is a lot that goes into trimming these majestic trees and it is something to consider before ever undertaking any oak tree trimming task yourself.

Hire a Professional to Do Your Oak Tree Trimming

Do you need to trim oak trees? Definitely. And what’s the absolute best way to trim an oak tree? If you guessed to let a professional arborist do it, you are 100% correct. That is the perfect way to keep your oak trees safe and healthy. They know exactly how to trim each species of an oak tree in their area and the right time of year to do it. So, it’s best to put their expertise to work for you. Tree professionals are also trained to work at heights and have all the safety equipment and gear necessary to successfully trim any oak tree. Best of all, when you consider all that they do, hiring a trained arborist to trim your oak trees is not all that expensive.

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