Trimming a Large Oak Tree

Trimming a large oak tree is far from being a cakewalk as it Oak Tree Trimming Port Orangeinvolves expertise to successfully accomplish this task. Oak trees are very attractive once fully grown and require minimal maintenance to grow healthier. These trees grow larger with time and give shade to people, birds, and animals in different seasons. They are among the largest trees in Florida, and if you have a mature oak in your yard, it is likely the focal point in your yard towering over everything else.

Let’s check out some quick tips for trimming a large oak tree:
Choose the Right Season for Trimming: If you are looking to trim a large oak tree, then it might be a good idea to choose the winters for trimming as the winters reduce the risk for the pests or diseases infecting the open wounds as a result of the cuts.
Don’t Take the Risk: Oak trees can plummet from significant heights, and they can cause a lot of issues for the person pruning these trees. Do know that it can be risky too if you do not take proper precautions while climbing and trimming the branches of large oak trees. The most serious hazard in any tree work is falling, so always ensure you are properly tied off.
Usage of Sharp Blades: Once you start the trimming process, make sure that blades are sharp enough for pruning the branches. And while the gardener decides for cutting them, do make sure that not more than 15-20 percent of the branches are trimmed as this affects the growth of trees.
Hire an Expert: It is always best to hire a professional tree trimming company, especially when trimming larger trees where falling can be a serious hazard.

Consider the season when you are trimming a large oak tree as the summer can wilt them and there can be a risk of severe infection. While cutting them, take extra precaution of the ladder you are using. It must be placed on even ground. Hopefully, these tips will help you in trimming your large oak tree more efficiently.

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