Tree Watering Tips

tree watering tips port orangeA lot of homeowners out there have different opinions about watering trees. Some believe trees are so hardy they never need watering and others say that they are just big plants so of course, you need to water them. Even landscape professionals will give you different answers on this subject. So which is it? Should you water your trees? The answer is somewhere in the middle of what most people think. Although trees do not need regular watering except in times of drought, there are times where they can use a health-boosting dose of water. Here are some tree watering tips you might find useful. 

Young Trees

Here is a situation where you definitely need to water your trees. If you have freshly planted trees or trees that are just saplings, you should water them regularly in order to promote their early growth and health. This means to give a tree a slow soaking at least every other week. Soaker hoses or drip lines will do nicely for this. You want to make sure also that you do not saturate the ground around them so much that it gets muddy. Too much watering of young trees can actually severely hurt their health.

Watering Mature Trees

As mentioned, it never hurts to occasionally water mature trees. The keyword here is occasionally. The roots on mature trees extend so far that it does not take a whole lot of watering to keep them healthy and looking great. A good way to tell when its time to water mature trees is to stick a sharp object such as a screwdriver or stake into the ground beneath the canopy of a tree. If it slides in easily that means the ground is moist and the tree is fine. If it takes some effort to put the sharp object into the ground, then that tree needs watering. 

Once again, don’t saturate the soil underneath the tree. Just moisten the soil to a depth of about 10 inches slowly throughout the day. Never apply water directly to the exposed trunk area either, this can promote rot which weakens the tree and also makes it ripe for insect infestation.

Irrigation Systems Are Sometimes Not Enough

Here is a very common misconception among homeowners. They think that just because they have an irrigation system that their trees are getting enough water. Remember, we pointed out that it’s best to soak the soil under a tree for a long period of time. This is not what irrigation systems are designed to do. They only apply water to the surface of a year in short bursts and that does not help trees get the moisture they need.

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