Tree Trimming in Port Orange, Daytona Beach,
New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach FL

Aardvark Tree Service is one of the most accomplished tree trimming companies servicing Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and the surrounding communities. Our highly skilled tree professionals are experts at trimming all the different species of trees that are found in the Volusia County area. We combine years of tree trimming know-how with the most sophisticated equipment available to do it with. That is an unbeatable combination that will leave the trees in your yard healthier and much better looking once we are done trimming them.
There is nothing that will take away from the looks of your landscape more than having unkempt trees throughout your yard. No matter how neatly your grass is cut, your flower beds are kept, or your other landscape features are laid out; none of that will matter if your trees are overgrown and unshapely. Your landscaping will not look nearly as good as it could if your trees have not been properly trimmed.
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Why Is It Important To Keep Your Trees Trimmed ?

Is tree trimming necessary? Definitely. Here are the reasons that you need to keep the trees in your yard properly trimmed:

Beautification of Trees

When you learn more about how to maintain beautiful trees, you will also find out that one of the steps to take is by calling professionals for tree maintenance. Well-trimmed trees will significantly add to the overall looks of your landscape. Try this test – observe which landscapes in your neighborhood look the best the next time you drive into it. We are pretty confident it will be the landscapes where the trees have been properly trimmed and properly maintained.

Tree Health

When you trim your trees the remaining part of the tree gets more oxygen and nutrients than before. This improves the health of your trees significantly. Not only does tree trimming improve the health of your trees, but it improves the health of all the other greenery in your yard too. Our tree experts are trained in the proper tree trimming, as improper cuts can damage the health of your beautiful trees.

Safety/Damage Control

Branches that hang too low, block a motorist’s vision, or hang precariously close to power lines need to be removed for safety reasons. Branches that are rubbing up against the roof or the sides of your home can cause significant damage if not removed, and we’ve all seen the scratches on cars from dangling tree branches. Also, fallen tree removal can be quite expensive. Failure to maintain trees in ways such as tree trimming may lead to fallen trees. Who is responsible for fallen tree removal? More often than not, if it’s a tree on your property, you will be responsible for it.
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The Different Types of Tree Trimming We Offer

With Aardvark Tree service you can have it your way too. We would be happy to provide you with tree trimming as part of an ongoing tree maintenance plan, or we can do it as a one-time service. No matter which one you choose when we are done tree trimming, the trees in your yard will be healthier and add significantly to the overall looks of your landscape.

We trim trees so well that you might not even recognize your home when we are finished. Our highly skilled tree technicians know how to properly trim any species of tree, and they are all a little different. This is where our expertise is key to protecting the health of you trees.

Port Orange Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is not something you want to let just anyone do for you. Make sure you hire an experienced company that has years of experience and trained and qualified crews to do the work. Improperly trimmed trees can leave your trees looking unsightly, or even worse yet, severely damage their overall health. It is a task that the skilled tree professionals at Aardvark Tree Service have been doing successfully for years.
Here is a list of the major tree trimming services that we are experts at performing for the good folks of Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and Ormond Beach:
We make sure that our staff are well trained and equipped with the tools and necessary tree trimming equipment to carry out any tree-related job safely. Furthermore, we can also give you a guarantee that our workers’ comp insurance is fulfilled by our company.

We Are Available To Trim Your Trees at Your Convenience

Our service area for tree trimming includes the following areas:

So don’t delay. Call Aardvark Tree Services today at 386-310-8022 for a completely free estimate to trim your trees. When you call us you will be pleasantly surprised at just how fair and competitive our prices are. Once we are finished with your tree trimming you will have a yard full of much better looking and significantly healthier trees.