Tree Trimming Equipment

tree trimming equipment delandOne of the most common reasons why it’s best to call on professionals for tree maintenance is because of equipment. Tree trimming equipment consists of more than just a few ropes and an ax. Without the right set of equipment, it would be difficult to complete a tree trimming task properly and safely. 

However, many would still insist on DIY’s. If you’re one of them, then the information below will surely help you out. 

What is the right tree trimming equipment? You are about to find out as you read on. Having the right equipment available when you are trimming your trees is essential to keeping the trees you are about to trim looking good and healthy.

DIY Tree Trimming Equipment

Pruning Shears

This is the most basic of all tree trimming equipment. These look like an oversized pair of scissors that have thick blades on them. They are designed to snip off small branches that grow close to the trunks of trees and those smaller branches throughout a tree that are diseased, dying, or appear to be very unhealthy. Pruning shears work best on branches that are under 1” in diameter.

Pruning Saw

Unlike many other types of saws, pruning saws generally have very large teeth on them. This helps them glide easily through even thicker branches on a tree. They look like a saw that has a gun handle in most cases. Very rarely are they over 16” long so they are definitely made to only cut through branches that are 2” or less in diameter. 

Pole Tree Pruner

Here is what most tree professionals believe is an essential piece of tree trimming equipment. Pole tree pruners will help you safely reach up higher into a tree to snip off smaller sized branches without having to climb up on an unsteady ladder. They can be telescopic and they usually are made to work by pulling on a long rope that activates their cutting action.

Telescoping Gas/Electric Pole Saw

For branches over two inches in thickness, this is a great tool to use. Especially for branches that are higher up in a tree. These look like a small chainsaw on the end of a long pole. The pole they are placed on is usually telescopic. It is one of the safer ways to cut thicker branches because the operator can stand firmly on the ground or move around very little on a ladder when using this device. 


Just about every home has a set of these oversized tree trimming shears. They have powerful jaws that slice through branches up to 2” in thickness very easily. They usually have two long wooden handles on them and the cutting end of them looks something like a set of vice grips, The jaws on them are very powerful when activated too.

Hedge Shears

Another popular type of tree trimming equipment is hedge shears. They are similar in looks to loppers but their blades are much longer and look more like knife blades. These work great for trimming hedges that are made up of trees in the evergreen family. They will not work on branches over 1” thick. Not too many people use these anymore because electric hedge trimmers take less effort and are faster at doing the same job.

Call Tree Maintenance Experts for Assistance

Especially if you’re not going to be trimming the trees of everyone in your neighborhood, it would be quite impractical to have a full set of tree trimming equipment. So if ever you need help with DeLand tree trimming, make sure you’re calling Aardvark Tree Service for help. We also provide services for tree removal, tree pruning, and more in New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and surrounding areas. Call us at 386-310-8022 for a free estimate.