Tree Removal Equipment

Tree Removal Tools and Equipment DelandWith the availability of many tree-cutting equipment in the market, it is easy to think that tree cutting or removal, even for smaller trees, can be done by anyone. However, cutting down a tree is not as simple as it appears to be. This complex and often complicated task is done by professional arborists who have the technical know-how to execute the job safely and properly.

In the process of tree removal, safety is the main focus. Part of this is avoiding damages to structures and making sure that no accidents that can harm people in any way will occur. Finding the right equipment is also very important. What is the best tree removal equipment used by professionals? Check below to know more.

Chainsaws. A chainsaw is a powerful piece of machine that can cut through woods easily. This is often one of the most common equipments used by professional tree cutters. Chainsaw can either be gas-powered or electric. It comes in different sizes and styles. There is a style specifically made for the huge trunk of trees and there is also one that is best used for branches. While a chainsaw can make the tree removal process easy, only a professional can use it properly.

Saws. Saw comes in different sizes. It is used manually but is often lightweight and can cut through thick branches. Saws are often used for pruning and for cutting down branches of huge trees.

Cables and ropes. There are top-grade ropes specifically designed to climb trees in the process of tree removal. Professional tree cutters know the different types of robes and they know which type to use depending on the tree to be removed.

Hard hat. A hardhat is vital safety equipment for tree removal. It protects the head and neck of arborists from falling branches and struck-by injuries that are quite usual when cutting down tall trees. Apart from hard hats, protective goggles and clothing are also being used for injury prevention.

Saddles. The saddle is an important fall protection equipment used by arborists in cutting down tall and huge trees. A saddle must be sturdy enough to hold a person for hours because tree removal definitely takes time. There are different types of saddles used by arborists and it is often adjusted to the person using them. Along with saddles, professional arborists also use protective straps, pulleys, and carabiners to cut down huge trees.

Gloves. Tree removal is a manual job and it requires the use of the hands to hold equipment for cutting. Gloves are necessary safety tools that keep the hand protected from injuries such as cuts and other dangerous plants that are deemed poisonous.

Lift trucks. Lifting trucks are used to lift tree logs and other branches and put them in a vehicle ready to transport them to be re-used. There are different types of lifting trucks. Some have huge capacities that can lift to 60 tons. The type to be used will depend on the size of the trees needed to be removed.

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