Tree Maintenance Services for Residential Properties

Having trees in your yard or in your garden is certainly a beautiful thing.Tree Maintenance Services Ormond Beach The benefits of planting trees close to your home are countless. Not only do trees improve the physical appearance of your property, but they also filter out air pollution. They provide shade and would essentially help in reducing energy costs especially during the summer season. Of course, tree maintenance services are necessary in order to keep these trees healthy, beautiful and safe at all times.

Some homeowners choose to do tree maintenance on their own, especially for smaller projects like pruning or removing tiny stumps. However, there are certain services for tree maintenance that require professional assistance. In fact, the law requires you to get a licensed tree contractor for some of these services.

Tree Removal – This service is needed when you need to cut down a tree in your property for whatever reason. This is also what has to be done if a tree is already considered hazardous and may be dangerous to you, your property and your neighbor’s property. In some cases, tree removal is required when a tree has already fallen down.

Tree Trimming – This must be done every few years or so, depending on the growth of your tree. Trimming removes dead and decaying branches as well as parts of the tree that are already overgrown.

Tree Pruning – Quite similar to tree trimming, tree pruning helps assist in tree growth. This is a beneficial maintenance service especially if your tree bears fruit or flowers.

These are only some of the many services you can get from a tree contractor when it comes to maintenance. Once again, it is highly recommended for you to call professionals for jobs like these to ensure that work will be done properly and safely.

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