Tree Damage on Your Home: What Should You Do?

Trees are extremely beautiful features on any property. As muchTree Damage New Smyrna Beach as possible, all of us want trees in our yard. However, Mother Nature is simply unpredictable, and accidents can happen anytime, too. Even if you do your part in maintaining your garden and the landscape that surrounds your property, you may still end up with tree damage on your home.

If a tree falls down directly on the structure of your home, what exactly should you do? It is understandable something like this will certainly stress you out. The guide below will offer recommendations on how to deal with such an unfortunate event and hopefully this will help ease some of that stress.

1. Avoid panicking and try your best to focus on possible solutions more than just the problem itself.

You’re probably thinking about how the advice above is so much easier said than done. But when you’re dealing with a tree that already fell over your home and damaged it, then you simply have no choice but to find a solution. Panicking and crying over it would do you no good. The problem is already there, so a solution must be found at the soonest time possible. By the way, you should have already checked by now on all family members including pets to ensure no one was hurt.

2. Do this with care: Unplug all electrical appliances and gadgets near the damaged area. If possible, turn off the main power source of your home until help comes.

At this point, you are not sure yet whether the tree has damaged the wiring in your house. If so, this can cause further damage to plugged-in appliances and other electronics. Worse, sparks may cause a house fire. If it’s possible, turn off the main switch of your house and call for help.

3. Call your insurance company to check if damages are covered by your current insurance policy.

While this can be done later, if you have the chance to do it now, do it. If finding your insurance policy right now would be challenging for you, considering the current situation in your household, then call your insurance company instead. They should be able to tell you whether the damage will be covered by your home insurance policy.

4. Call a local tree contractor.

Reach out to a local tree contractor for assistance in removing the tree from your home. Some property owners make the mistake of calling general contractors to do this job, only to regret it in the end. A tree contractor ideally has emergency services and would be able to remove the tree in a timely manner. They also have the necessary equipment to do so. Most importantly, they have the knowledge and expertise on how to remove this tree safely and without further damaging your home.

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