Tree Care Tips

tree care tips daytona beach

Are you looking for some tree care tips? Here are some that will certainly help you out. 

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have one or more trees in your yard. That means that you will have to perform some essential tree maintenance to keep your trees healthy and looking good. To help you with your tree maintenance, we would like to give you some basic tree care tips. These tips, if you follow them properly and do them regularly, might be all that you need to keep the trees in your landscape healthy and looking good. 


No list of essential tree care tips would be complete without talking about proper watering. Most trees like somewhat moist soil. After all, they are just a big plant and all plants need water to stay healthy and survive. This is especially true if your area is experiencing drought-like conditions. Your trees most likely will not need to be watered every day and you have to be careful not to saturate the soil around them. That’s because too much water will actually be harmful to a tree. 


This is by far one of the most overlooked aspects of tree care. That is why we felt it was important to include it on this list of tree care tips. Mulching is essential because it insulates tree roots and helps keep them moist at the same time. It’s especially important for young trees. Be careful to never put mulch to close to the bark on a tree. Keep it at least 3” away from the bark on the tree so it does not smother the base of the tree. Your mulch should also extend out 3’ from the tree and be about 3’’ in depth.

Trimming & Pruning

This is one of the most important aspects of tree care. Unfortunately, it’s also an area that poses some problems for those that like to DIY tree work. That’s because there are so many different varieties of trees and many of them are not pruned and trimmed the same way. 

One thing that we can tell you is it’s always a good idea to remove dead branches on a tree. You also want to remove dead branches in a way that it does not leave stubs on a tree because these will become a breeding ground for insects. Try to trim branches that are growing toward the trunk of the tree and make sure not to over-prune the trees in your yard. You also want to avoid trimming trees that are less than 3 years old if possible.

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When to Consult a Tree Professional

If you have tried all the above tree care tips and your trees still look unhealthy or worse yet are dying, you will seriously want to think about consulting a tree professional. Our crew at Aardvark Tree Service is familiar with all of the different species of trees in the Florida area and we understand how to care for them. We will perform an inspection for free and even provide a free estimate if there’s any service you need for the trees on your property. 

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