Trees are the most important feature in your yard. They add beauty and grace and provide that thing that we all kind of need…oxygen! But when they start growing wildly and start interfering with electricity lines then you are left with no choice but to cut them down. Tree removal is a difficult task and doing it yourself can be more dangerous then is generally anticipated. It can cause damage to your home, family or neighbors, and electric lines.

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before doing tree removal. You should first check the conditions of your area regulations. Many states have different regulations for tree cutting, whether they are on private land or outside. Cutting down the tree without knowing the law can cost you major penalties. Therefore, you should spend enough time to understand the laws and specific regulations. It is better to hire a professional arborist as they will be aware of all regulations and will give you best advice.

Removing a tree and its stump will require handling of underground cables, sewer or gas lines, which can be damaged if tree removal is not done carefully. You should also consider distance of the tree from your home. If they are too close than you should chop the tree in parts so that it doesn’t fall on your house. Distance should be well covered for your neighbor’s house or other property. It is better to discuss your plan with neighbors to avoid them being upset.

You should also confirm with your contractor if their insurance covers the injury to the worker or any damage to the property. It is always advised to hire an insured company to avoid any financial penalties on you due to any accident. All you need to do is request their “Certificate of Insurance” which shows their entire commercial policy and coverage limits.

Tree removal is a big project which leaves a lot of debris, leaves, and broken branches. Your arborist will advise you on how to deal with the debris. They might advise you to hire a shredder or will arrange it for you.

The cost of tree removal will completely depend on the size and complexity of your tree. Bigger trees will definitely cost you more than smaller; similarly trees with higher risk around it will be charged more. You should take quotes from a couple of arborist and make a decision which best fits your budget with all required services.

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