Stump Removal Tips

stump removal tips port orangeThese stump removal tips we’ll be sharing with you today will give you an idea of how to remove stumps safely and effectively. Stumps left behind after cutting a tree off can become an eyesore and even a hazard on your property. Some homeowners choose to leave these behind only when they can find another purpose for stumps such as turning it into a plant stand or a seating space when it’s fairly large.

However, we highly recommend the removal of tree stumps because as mentioned, they are not exactly pretty to look at and they can even cause accidents. Some may even grow bacteria and harmful fungus that can damage or even kill surrounding plants. 

Stump Removal Tips for Beginners

When removing a tree stump for the first time or if you have already tried it at least once, then you probably know already how difficult it is to just pull the stump out. Especially if a tree is deeply rooted, the pulling method simply won’t cut it. 

Dig Around the Stump Area

Get a shovel and dig the soil surrounding the tree stump. This is probably one of the most common stump removal tips you’ll find out there. Sometimes, you can already pull the stump out easily after loosening the ground. This will also expose the roots that you might need to cut off for you to pull out the stump. 

You Can Use a Helping Hand

Especially for larger tree stumps, stump removal won’t be a one-man job. It would be best to get help from a friend so you can work around the stump. 

Consider Using a Stump Grinder

For large and hard stumps, you may use a stump grinder. A grinder will divide that stump into tiny little pieces until it levels to the ground. You must note, however, this process doesn’t necessarily mean you have removed the stump completely. You may still want to dig to pull out the stump. 

Get Help From Professionals

To avoid accidents and to effectively remove a tree stump, we highly recommend getting help from your local tree contractor. 

Stump Removal Pros in Port Orange, FL

These stump removal tips might have helped you out in getting some idea of how the process works. But if you need professional assistance, you can always give us a call. Aside from stump removal, we also provide Port Orange tree removal, tree trimming, and many more services. We service Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, DeLand, and surrounding areas. Call 386-310-8022 for a free estimate today.