Stump Removal Importance

A stump is the bottom part of a tree that’s attached to its roots. When a tree is removed, the stump usually gets left behind. While some property owners don’t mind this, others understand the importance of stump removal.  There are many reasons you shouldn’t take the presence of these stumps for granted. Unless you have plans of using them as a garden feature, it is better to get them removed instead.

Among the many reasons you should remove stumps are the following:

Stumps don’t contribute to the beauty of your property: In fact, stumps aren’t too pretty to look at. Some people find ways to beautify them by decorating them with new plants or turning them into functional garden seats or working areas especially when it’s a large stump. In most cases, however, these stumps are simply obstructions to what could have been a lovely view of your landscaped lawn or backyard.

Stumps can cause accidents: Especially during those times when grass starts growing a little too long in your garden, they may hide those stumps beneath them. There are also times when you’re in a hurry or if your kids are playing and running around your garden, they may not notice these stumps. There’s always that chance for someone to trip over a stump left behind.

Stumps make it difficult to clean and mow your lawn: You can’t use a lawnmower over a stump. You have to go around it. Same goes when you’re cleaning your lawn. Even after spending hours removing fallen leaves on your garden, it still wouldn’t look clean enough when stumps are remaining there.

Stumps can encourage tree regrowth: If you removed a tree from your property for a reason, then you probably don’t need it to grow back. There are times when a tree can grow once again from its stump. It gets worse when bacteria, fungi, and weeds grow around and from the stump as these could affect the surrounding plants and vegetation.

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