Stump Pulling

Stumps are left behind when a tree is removed. It is the bottommost part Stump Pulling New Smyrna Beachof the tree attached to the roots that are over and underground. In many cases, these roots can get very thick, long, and large, which makes them and the stump challenging to remove. Especially when a large tree was cut down, stump pulling can get very difficult.

Depending on the type of tree stump left on the ground, there are several different ways to pull them out. Here are some of them:

Dig around the stump for easier pulling. The earth and roots that surround the tree stump make it difficult to just pull it out. Using a shovel, dig the soil that surrounds the stump. Cut large and strong roots that are holding the stump to the ground. When the soil and roots get loose, stump pulling gets easier.

To prevent regrowth, remove all remaining roots from underneath the ground. Some trees start growing again even after successful tree removal. This happens when the stump and roots are left behind. Aside from just loosening the soil and roots, make sure no remaining roots are left underneath the soil where the stump was pulled.

You may have to use a stump grinder. Some stumps are just too heavy and hard for pulling. These are usually the ones too close to the ground and has been there for a very long time. The best way to remove them is by grinding them into tiny pieces using a stump grinder.

If you need help pulling out a stump from your property, you can get assistance from a tree service contractor. These companies have knowledgeable and experienced staff, the right tools, and equipment so that the job can be done properly and safely. Aardvark Tree Service can help you with your commercial and residential tree service needs including stump removal. We offer services in New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and nearby areas. Call 386-310-8022 to get a free estimate.