Spring Tree Care Tips

The summer season is just around the corner and your tree may have Spring Tree Care Volusia Countyalready started to prepare for the change. Although trees automatically adapt to weather change, tree owners still need to prepare themselves to deal with any tree problem in the spring season.

Why Is Spring Important For Trees?

​Spring season is a time when trees prepare for the upcoming fruitful season, summer. It is the time when new leaves grow and old leaves shed. Spring is the best time to treat the tree that have diseases and infections so that it may soon havehealthy and delicious fruits.

How To Care for Trees In Spring?

Trees call for cleanup, mulching, watering, pruning and more in the spring season. Here are some of the best things you can do with your tree in the spring season:

1. Clean Up Around The Tree: Your tree may have shed old leaves or there might be insects crawling near your tree. Rake up around the tree area any debris or protection that you may have applied during the winter season. The spring cleanup will help your tree stay protected from any disease or fungal infection. You can also take professional land clearing help if needed.

2. Inspect the Tree: Following the cleaning up, inspect the tree for any damages caused by snow or rainfall. Your property may have encountered problems due to standing water of melting snow and simultaneous rainfall. The standing water in the spring may not only erode the soil but also affect the roots of the tree. Also, look for any damages to the tree due to pest and insects. If you find any potential hazard, contact an arborist to get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. Apply Mulch: Once you have cleaned up around the tree, apply mulch to the soil to retain moisture. Mulching is good for the overall development of the young trees as well as for the health of the old trees.

4. Water: Although it is important to water the tree, do not water if the soil is thaw or damp. Your tree may need water even in the cool weather. However, it is not necessary if the soil is already moist.

5. Pruning: You may want to prune your tree for its good health. Summer is one good season for trees to grow. Prune any branch or leave that you thing is diseased.

Taking care of your tree calls for certain considerations. Your tree may need more care in spring season compared to any other season. Aardvark Tree Services is a professional arborist. We have all the skills to tackle any kind of tree problem. We can help you have a lush green garden area with healthy trees. Contact us today at 386-310-8022 for a free consultation.