Should I Remove A Tree Close To House In Volusia County

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One of the questions that I often get asked by those in Daytona Beach and the surrounding Eastern Florida communities is should I remove a tree close to house in Volusia County. According to tree experts, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’ no matter where you live. 

That’s because of the potential threat of damage that the branches of trees growing close to homes present when they are blown in the wind. These trees become even more of a hazard and potential threat to people and property as they age and come under attack by insects and diseases that weaken them. 

So, consulting with a local Volusia County tree expert on the best course of action to take with the trees growing close to your home is always recommended. Trees growing close to your home are not the only conditions that need to be addressed regarding these all-important landscape fixtures either. 

There are other potential problems that trees growing in the wrong areas often present. Here are a few of them:

Trees Growing Too Close to Power Lines

In addition to asking should I remove a tree close to house in VolusiaCounty, you should also be worried about any trees on your property that are growing too close to power lines. That’s because blowing and broken branches have the potential to knock you and your neighbor’s power out in this scenario. 

An even bigger concern is the threat of electrocution and fire that trees coming into contact with power lines pose. You have to remember that wood is an excellent conductor of electricity and fires often start as a result of blowing tree branches eventually rubbing the protective insulation off of power lines.

Consider Removing Trees with Invasive Root Structure

Along with wondering should I remove a tree close to house in VolusiaCounty, you should also be worried about some of your larger trees having roots that have become overgrown. This is one of the most often overlooked areas when it comes to the need for tree removal

Uncontrolled tree root growth can become just as problematic as tree branches or trees themselves. That’s because they can do such things as destabilizing foundations, crack driveway pavement & sidewalks, and the ability to hurt the overall health of your landscape by taking in a disproportionate amount of essential nutrients and moisture from the soil in the areas where they are growing. 

Once again if you notice signs that some of your bigger trees have roots that are becoming invasive, it’s best to consult with a local tree expert on how to correct the situation including the need for possible tree removal.

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