Reasons to Remove Large Trees

reasons to remove large trees port orangeHomeowners have many reasons to remove large trees. Some of these reasons are obvious and others not so much. Regardless, as much as people tend to regard bigger trees as being sacred, there are times when they do need to be brought down.

What are some of the biggest reasons for taking large size trees down? The best place to go for that answer is to listen to what tree professionals have to say. Here are what tree experts cite as being the most common reasons why large tree removal sometimes needs to be undertaken.  

Growing Too Close to Structures and Power Lines

Trees not only grow up, but they also grow out, and sometimes this can be a problem if they get too close to homes and buildings. When branches come into contact with houses and building this can cause physical damage and become even a bigger problem during periods of strong winds. This is among the biggest reasons to remove large trees. 

They Are Hurting A Landscapes Overall Tree Health

As trees get older the size of their canopy expands. When a tree’s canopy gets too big it can start to hurt the health of the other trees and plants around it. That’s because trees that have a large canopy can keep essential air, moisture, and sunlight from getting to other trees, plants, and grasses around it. Removing a big tree that impacts other trees and greenery like that can be very beneficial for overall landscape health.

Their Root Structure Is Becoming Invasive

Although you don’t always notice it, large trees usually always have very large root structures also. As a tree grows its roots also have to grow to help feed it the vital nutrients that it needs from the ground. It’s not uncommon for large trees to have huge root structures that can do such things as damage foundations, driveways, walkways, and more. Tree root expansion is one of the most compelling reasons to remove large trees. 

They are Dying or Diseased

If a tree is dead or diseased it’s often a good idea to remove them. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that it can help stop the spread of disease or insect infestations that are harming tree health in a yard. When trees are dead or dying, this also implies that they are structurally weaker than they need to be. It’s a condition that can cause any tree or large tree branch to become a potential problem during periods of strong winds and heavy snow loads. Removing them before strong storms and wind events can help prevent extensive damage. 

A Homeowner Wants to Reclaim Some Yard Area

Just like homeowners want to make changes with their homes, they sometimes want to make changes to their landscaping too. This may be to do such things as put on an addition, build a swimming pool, or simply expand grassy areas for looks or recreation. Large trees may need to be removed to accomplish this. 

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