Pruning Palm Trees Techniques

Palm Tree Trimming Techniquest Port OrangeTree professionals agree that one of the toughest trees to prune are palm trees and that’s why you need to learn impactful pruning palm trees techniques. That way you can keep your palm trees looking great and avoid harming them in the process. Those that have not learned how to properly prune their palm trees often cut them back way too far and, in the process, this can inhibit healthy growth or even kill a palm tree.

So pay close attention to the information that I will present here. If you do, then you will be very happy with your palm trees looks after you have finished pruning them.

Do Some Research on the Type of Palm That You Want to Trim

Many people do not realize that learning pruning palm trees techniques may not even be necessary depending on what types of palms that they have on their landscape. That’s because some types of palms do not even need to be trimmed. This includes such species as Christmas palms, Royal palms, King palms, and Kentia palms. Also, be aware that spring is the most recommended time to prune palm trees but there are some exceptions to this rule.

Start by Getting the Right Gear Together

You are going to need more than just a set of pruning clippers to successfully prune your palm trees. So round up the following tools for the job. This includes a good pruning saw, pruning clippers as mentioned, and a garden knife. Most important of all, make sure these are all very sharp. Clean cuts help trees stay healthier during the pruning process. Palm trees also tend to leave cuts and scratches on those that trim them. Be proactive and wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, goggles, and gloves when pruning your palm trees.

Remove Only Dead Fronds

One of the pruning palm trees techniques that many wrongfully do is removing all types of fronds on a palm tree during the pruning process. This is a big mistake because the green fronds should not be removed. They are actually a food source for the tree. They need to stay in place but it’s ok to trim off dead and dying fronds. It’s also ok to remove any hanging fronds even if they are green because they present a potential hazard when they eventually fall off. Fronds need to be trimmed off near the base of them but be careful not to cut into the palm tree itself while removing them.

Never Prune Off the Entire Top of a Palm and Prune Sparingly

One of the more unique characteristics of palm trees is they are the only tree type that grows exclusively out from the top of the tree. So pruning off all of the growth from the top part of the tree is a death sentence for them. Take a very minimalist approach when pruning near the tops of your palms. You even want to prune as little as possible off around the whole tree. That means avoiding severe palm tree cutbacks or trying to get creative and shape your palms.

Professional Tree Pruning in Port Orange, FL

While the pruning palm trees techniques above might be very helpful to you, DIY pruning is still risky and may even result in accidents. For tree pruning service in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and the surrounding areas, call Aardvark Tree Service. Get a free quote by calling us at 386-310-8022 today.