After this cool winter season, we all would love to go outside and enjoyTree Care Port Orange the warm weather by sitting on our lawn. Spring is a nice season but it comes with different type of extreme weather situations like thunderstorms, heavy winds, etc. These can have a huge impact on your landscape, especially when this heavy wind is trying to pass through your tree.

In order to better handle these tree hazards and do storm preparedness to ensure protection for your trees, you need understand early warning symptoms of your tree which would indicate that a tree is prone to storm damage.

Below are a few signs which should be identified to take a preventative action:
Leaning – A leaning tree is more hazardous than a straight tree growing vertically. You should take an immediate action if a tree is found leaning as it can be due to weak supporting roots.
Root Rot – Look for the cavities or mushrooms at the base of your tree, as they can be a sign of rotting roots.
Deadwood – Dead branches or wood are symptoms of tree diseases and should be removed promptly to prevent spreading further.
Weak Branch Structure – Two branches growing from the same union are mostly weak and can split easily.
Heavy weight – Any heavy branch which is grown horizontally has gravity’s effect on it and it increases the possibility of breaking down.

And you never know when the next major storm may come rolling through Port Orange or New Smyrna Beach so it is always best to take preventative action to ensure the safety of your home, and to ensure your trees do not become hazards. It is well worth the time and expense to stay on top of your trees and make sure that they do not grow out of control which can lead to a hazard quite quickly.

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