Preparing for Hurricane Season

It is always best to be prepared than to be sorry. Although we allPreparing for Hurricane Daytona Beach heavily rely on weather forecasts should there be hurricanes getting ready to hit our area, there’s nothing much we can do once it has already hit us. Preparing for hurricane season is ideally done before it officially starts.

Hurricanes can bring so much damage to one’s property. It can bring very strong winds that would destruct even supposedly durable and might things on its way. One of the most common problems homeowners have after a hurricane — a tree has fallen down and damaged their property.

One of the best ways to ensure your family and your property’s safety during a hurricane is through preparation of the trees that surround your home. Here are some of the services you may need:

1. Tree Removal – If a tree is visibly weak or old, then it may have to be removed. Of course, we all love having trees in our property and we know about its many benefits. But hazard trees need to be removed as these are the ones that usually fall down when a hurricane strikes.

2. Tree Trimming – This is the process wherein overgrown branches are removed or trimmed down. Ideally done by professionals, tree trimming can even assist in your tree’s growth and overall health. When a tree is very strong and healthy, even dreadful hurricanes would struggle to bring it down. Furthermore, there won’t be any weak branches that would fall down and cause damage to your property.

Aardvark Tree Service offers the above mentioned assistance as well as hurricane preparedness packages that include a full check of your property. We make sure that all trees and landscaped areas in your home are in their best shape and position so that damages resulting from a hurricane may be prevented. Our services are available in Port Orange, Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Give us a call at 386-310-8022 for a free estimate.