Palm Tree Watering Tips

Palm Tree Watering Tips Ormond BeachThose who live in the southern third of the United States have one nice advantage over their further north tree going brethren. That’s because they can grow a wide variety of magnificent and easy to take care of palm trees. Contrary to popular belief, these trees do have to be watered from time to time but most people do not know how to properly do this. That’s why we have decided to give you some palm tree watering tips. That way when you go to water them, you can do it in a much more beneficial and healthy way.

Signs That a Palm Tree Needs Watering

People often associate palm trees with deserts but you won’t find any growing in them because, in reality, they like abundant water. They also like soil that drains well but stays moist too. So if the area that you live in is under drought conditions, then chances are you will need to do some watering of them. Signs your palms are distressed because of lack of water include browning of the tips of their leaves and slower than usual growth. You can also test the moisture content in the soil near them with a soil probe. Having a certified tree expert stop by and do an inspection can also benefit not just your palms but every tree on your landscape. 

It’s Critical to Water Young Palm Trees 

As with most trees, palms are most vulnerable to damage from lack of water when they are young. Newly planted palm trees should be watered every single day for the first week to ten days. Then every other day for the next two weeks and then after that three times a week should suffice. Whenever we give you palm tree watering tips, that means to be that you only moisten the soil around your newly planted or young palm trees and not saturate it. If a palm’s roots remain saturated for too long, it can negatively impact their health. 

Watering Established Palm Trees

Established palm trees are some of the hardiest trees in the country but they still need a little TLC and water from time to time. One of the best palm tree watering tips we can give you is to never water established palm trees every single day even under drought conditions. Three times a week is more than sufficient. Once again, moisten only the soil around your established palm trees and not flood them out so bad you can see the water start to puddle and stay on the surface. 

Call a Tree Expert in Ormond Beach, FL

If you are not sure if your palm trees need watering or you worry you will harm them by watering them improperly, it’s never a bad idea to get in touch with a local tree professional for help. Most professional tree services know the species of palms that grow in their area very well. They also make it their business to know the current soil conditions and how it is impacting palms in their area. So never be afraid to ask a tree expert for help. 

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