Palm Tree Dying, What Should I Do?

Palm Tree Dying Port OrangeThe sabal palm is Florida’s state tree so it’s quite common seeing palm trees all over the Sunshine State. As a tree service contractor in Volusia County, we have received quite a number of inquiries about a palm tree dying and if there’s any way a property owner can save it.

It would be great to contact an arborist or tree maintenance company the moment you notice something unusual in your palm tree. More often than not, a palm tree that looks unhealthy can still be saved and treated.

Signs of a Sick or Dying Palm Tree

Palm trees are extremely beautiful when they’re healthy and well maintained. As a staple in many Florida properties, you wouldn’t go wrong with a landscaped garden that has one or several palm trees in it. Since many of us see palm trees all the time, it would be easy to distinguish a sick or dying one from a healthy palm tree.

Here are some of the signs you should look out for:

  1. The center stalk turned brown and is starting to shrivel
  2. Lower fronds are beginning to turn brown
  3. Pink spore masses appear on new leaves
  4. Leaves quickly dry up and fall off prematurely
  5. Pest infestation
  6. Root damage and yellowing because of too much fertilizer or improper fertilization

Some of these problems can be solved by simple tree trimming, removal of rotting leaves, watering, or insecticide use in case of pests. If you would need to work on trimming a palm tree or removing a portion of its roots, it would always be best to call on a tree expert for help to ensure that the solution wouldn’t do more harm than good. Improper treatment or maintenance of trees can lead to further deterioration of the tree’s health.

Contact Us for Palm Tree Maintenance in Port Orange, FL

Worried about these signs of a palm tree dying? We can help nurse your palm tree back to health when it needs some trimming. If the tree has been struggling for a long time and can no longer be saved such as when the center stalk is totally brown, then it’s time for palm tree removal. Aardvark Tree Service offers tree maintenance services in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and the surrounding communities. Call us at 386-310-8022 to request a free quote.