Oak Tree Roots

Oak tree roots are typically large because oak trees are mostly huge, too. The root system of a tree is vital in supporting how the tree thrives. What we often see with our naked eye is the treetop and the trunk which are the actual structures that we usually take care of. However, the roots that serve as the anchor and ultimate source of health from the ground.

For oak trees, its roots can become very lengthy especially for old trees. They’re so huge and deeply rooted into the ground. Sometimes, their roots can be dangerous especially when they are near homes, buildings, and other structures. 

Oak Tree Root System

Oak Tree Roots Daytona BeachThe roots of the oak tree, just like its trunk, are strong and sturdy. During the early life of an oak tree, most of its development is happening underground on its roots. The taproot grows underground with enough moisture. If the taproot is nourished, foliage and branch begin to grow. It is typical for oak tree roots to be about 18 to 20 inches under the soil. While this is not deep, the roots can spread and grow horizontally to cover up to 7 times the width of its tree’s crown. The roots are great in absorbing water and minerals in the soil. 

The roots of the oak tree need a good amount of space above and underground so it can thrive. And since it can extend greatly, the roots need no obstruction underneath like pipelines. Two oak trees can however grow side by side and share the same root system. 

Keeping Oak Tree Roots Healthy

An oak tree won’t thrive if its root system has poor drainage. This would stop nutrients from being circulated well in the root system, as well as in the tree. The roots also need an adequate amount of water since overwatering or too much rainwater can cause them to smother and rot. Other structural barriers like concrete foundations near the trees and other structures like swimming pools can trap water and affect the health of the roots. 

Sometimes, oak trees can become a problem when they stand close to driveways because the roots grow very long. They can actually lift a sidewalk and other foundations and crack driveways. Since oak trees are huge and strong overall, the removal process can be very difficult.

One needs to have the proper knowledge in the oak tree removal process, the right permit from land development, the right tools and equipment, and the appropriate safety gear are necessary. If the tree and its roots and posing a danger, hiring the help of a professional tree removal company is the best option. 

And while oak trees nourish the environment, it is best taken care of when they are close to structural communities or buildings. Since oak trees are large and consume water from the soil, they can affect structures just by thriving. Make sure to check with your zoning regulation the recommended safety distance to prevent damages to occur along the way.

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