Oak Tree Removal

Some oak trees found in Volusia County have been here way before all of us were born. So it is very important to call a licensed tree contractor like Aardvark Tree Service for oak tree removal services. Aside from experienced staff and the necessary equipment, tree removal permits are absolutely important.

There are countless tree varieties found all across Florida. While some probably don’t know what species one tree belong to, there’s no doubt that even our young ones can identify an oak tree when they see one. They’re very durable and strong and its life span can last from several decades to a few centuries.

DeLand Oak Tree Removal

As much as possible, we all want to save these trees from getting cut down; however, some situations call for removing oak trees such as when they become hazardous and can compromise the safety of people and properties surrounding it.

For instance, in April 2019, it was reported that a historic oak tree outside the Volusia County Administration Buildings in DeLand was removed. It stood in its spot mightily for decades but had to be cut down after the fungus hexagonia hydnoides at away its life and health until it was beyond saving. Though removing this oak tree seems like sad news for the community, it is great to know that after cutting it down, a new oak tree will be planted in its place along with three more trees around the area. Part of the oak tree’s trunk will also be used to build a bench.

When you realize how tall can oak trees get, you’ll know that they can eventually get hazardous without proper maintenance. When there’s a hazardous or dead oak tree on your property, call Aardvark Tree Service for tree removal service. We also provide oak tree moss removal. By calling an experienced DeLand tree service contractor, you can be sure that you will get professional services that consider the tree’s health, your property, and more importantly, the safety of people in your property. Furthermore, when removing a large oak tree, an expert can give you the assurance that the tree is cut down correctly and safely.

Removing Oak Trees in Volusia County, Florida

We have a team of highly trained staff who can assist you with all of your tree service needs including oak tree removal service for all types of oak trees in Florida. We are fully equipped and experienced in dealing with all kinds of oak tree conditions. We are very much aware of the dangers of oak tree removal and so we work with extra care at all times. We can also provide you with expert advice when you’re unsure whether an oak tree has to be removed or can still be saved. In some cases, fertilizing, tree trimming or pruning might still be able to save a tree from becoming hazardous or beyond cure. We also highly recommend regular tree maintenance to our clients especially to those who have large trees on their property or when you constantly have issues with tree pests such as bugs that eat oak trees. With proper maintenance, you can prevent the trees on your property from becoming hazardous in the first place.

What is the best way to remove an oak tree in New Smyrna Beach? Contact the experts. We have some of the best oak tree removal equipment in Port Orange and the surrounding areas. Aardvark Tree Service is a top tree contractor in Volusia County. We offer a variety of tree services to our clients including oak tree removal DeLand, tree trimming, tree pruning, land clearing, stump removal, and many more. We treat all jobs equally no matter how simple or complex a tree service requirement is. We strive to deliver the best tree services in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, and DeLand at reasonable and fair prices. Call our team to schedule an appointment. You may reach us at 386-310-8022 to get a free quote.

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