Oak Tree Removal Equipment in Port Orange

Oak Tree Removal Equipment in Port OrangeThere are many different species of the oak tree around Florida. In Port Orange alone, oak trees vary in ages and sizes. You may be wondering about oak tree removal equipment if you are planning to trim or remove an overgrown tree on your property. Read on to get more information.

Oak trees contribute a lot to saving the environment. It works incredibly hard in filtering out harmful toxins in the air. However, cutting down oak trees may be recommended if it is becoming a threat to the community. This can be a case for very large oaks where roots are growing beyond control and are damaging structures.

In removing oak trees, a wide range of cutting equipment are available and each has a corresponding function. If you are a tree enthusiast, minor tree pruning and maintenance might seem easy, however, removing trees like oak tree requires the work of a professional.

Basic Oak Tree Removal Equipment

Oak tree removal requires heavy equipment and rigging. The job alone requires a team of experts and can be very dangerous. If you are curious to know the equipment used in removing an oak tree, read below.

Rigging Equipment

Rigging equipment plays a major role in oak tree removal. This equipment is needed when climbing huge trees and trimming huge branches on relatively higher trees. They are also used to transport tools up and down a tree. Rigging equipment includes power pullers, rigging plates, wire ropes and slings, lifting chains, winches, and other tools used for pulling.

Cutting Equipment

Removing an oak tree requires highly specialized cutting equipment that is why it is very important to stress that this job cannot be done by just about anyone. Cutting equipment used mostly when removing oak tree include chainsaw, tree loppers, and a pruning saw. Sometimes, heavy cutting machinery is also involved when cutting down huge tree trunks. When using cutting equipment, heavy-duty or cut-resistant gloves are also used to protect the hands of professional tree removers from injuries.

Climbing Equipment

Apart from the rigging or pulling equipment used when removing down oak trees, climbing equipment is also one of the essentials of certified professionals. Climbing large and oak trees can be dangerous not only because of their height but because of their thick bushes that can block the view of tree cutters. There is a great risk of falling from a tree when using equipment that is not tested for safety. Climbing safety equipment includes hardhats, protective goggles, saddles, straps, two-way radio communication, tails, and ropes.

Clearing and Moving Equipment

Oak tree removal can take days that is why professionals always apply for permits and plan to have a smooth process. After the removal process, clearing debris and branches can take much time as well. Moving equipment such as cranes for huge locks, woodchippers for debris, and log trucks for transport.

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In Port Orange, removal of any kind of tree requires a permit. You cannot also cut down an oak tree especially if it is considered protected by the local government.

Hiring the service of a professional tree company to access the oak tree and plan for the removal process is necessary. Tree companies also offer insurance that is beneficial in case something unplanned happens.

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