Oak Tree Health Tips In Deland

Oak Tree Health Tips In DelandIf you are a proud owner of an oak tree, congratulations! These beautiful trees are a common and excellent addition to many yards, parks, and nature preserves throughout Deland. Their sturdy and majestic branches provide shady relaxing spots and a beautiful view.

Unfortunately, they can sometimes suffer from various problems that affect their growth. But these problems are avoidable. Here we’ll discuss a few oak tree health tips in Deland to help you keep them in top shape.

1. Pruning

Typically, oak trees do not require much pruning. But sometimes mature oaks develop dead branches or cleaned-off twigs that pose a safety risk. These dead or overgrown branches can cause property damage or even fall on your loved ones.

Additionally, pruning less mature oak trees is also crucial. It helps retain only the strong branches that will grow to form those large and beautiful canopies and healthy foliage. Therefore, you need to contact a professional arborist to prune your tree.

Remember, even if the oak tree is small and within reach, do not try to prune it yourself. Pruning has complexities that need a specialist. For example, cutting off branches can infect and eventually kill the tree. There is also over pruning that may cause problems.

2. Watering

Oak trees need water to survive like all other living things. However, they are relatively drought resistant. They also enjoy a natural seasonal change. Generally, they require minimal watering.

But they can do with one or two soakings during dry summer. Oak trees need watering only once per month unless they are grafted or uprooted when they need more. Therefore, avoid planting other plants that need more water next to an oak tree.

3. Soil Cover

Soil provides minerals, nutrients, water, and air to oak trees. It’s the backbone of their health and survival.

Therefore, your oak trees must have a few inches of soil cover on the roots. It will help prevent erosion and root damage. Remember, oak tree roots primarily grow outwards. Therefore, the covering should be at least six inches from the trunk.

You don’t have to worry about these or other considerations. A professional company like Aardvark Tree Service can help you keep healthy and safe. With years of experience caring for the trees in Deland, we are your go-to experts. Contact us via email or call (386) 310-8022) for a free quote.

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