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Aardvark Tree Service performs tree removal and tree service in New Smyrna Beach, FL. We have been servicing New Smyrna Beach with the finest tree service for more than a decade, and perform both commercial and residential tree work. We have the equipment and personnel to handle the small jobs, as well as the large and more complex tree removal projects. So no matter the size and scope of your project, call Aardvark Tree Service for an experienced and competitive company for all your tree service needs.  
The two most important factors in performing tree service and tree removal, are 1) having the right equipment and 2) having properly trained personnel. There are many companies out there who will give you a rock bottom price, but have not invested in the proper tree service equipment, and also the proper training of their crews to properly perform the work. At Aardvark Tree Service, we have invested heavily in the finest equipment in the market, and all of our personnel are highly trained to perform even the most complex and dangerous tree removal New Smyrna Beach FL.
We perform the following tree services in New Smyrna Beach:
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tree removal new smyrna beach fl
Our New Smyrna Beach tree removal service is fast and affordable. We can perform simple tree removals, and also complex projects. Our expertise is performing the most complex projects. We have the heavy equipment to perform very difficult and dangerous projects, so if you have a tree removal New Smyrna Beach project involving power lines or other dangerous conditions, we have the resources and experience to handle the job. The dangerous storms that frequently visit our beautiful area can cause tree damage that requires a very experienced team to repair and once again make right. Aardvark Tree Service has this experience, and we offer affordable rates in performing the work.
Aardvark Tree Service performs tree trimming in New Smyrna Beach. We have trained technicians that perform tree trimming in a professional way that will ensure the optimum health of your trees. When done improperly, tree trimming can  cause damage to your trees’ overall health, or even worse. This is why tree trimming must be performed by trained tree professionals who understand the proper technique to ensure healthy cuts. So whether you have a large oak or any type of tree that is indigenous to our beautiful Florida coastline, we have years of experience in proper trimming technique. Our tree trimming New Smyrna Beach service is also affordable to work within your residential or commercial budget as well.
We also perform hazard tree assessments, so we can come to your home or business and guide you and inform you on whether or not a large tree on your property might be a potential hazard during storms. We can also advise you as to the health and overall condition if you have a tree that looks out of sorts. We have years of experience in imparting this valuable knowledge for the benefit of our clients, and we will we will always provide straightforward and honest feedback about the condition of your trees, as well as your most prudent course of action to protect your property and loved ones.
 Many times what looks like a hazard and overgrown tree might in fact be a tree that just requires some routine maintenance and trimming or pruning. So, whatever the case, if you have a hazard tree or a potentially diseased tree, let our trained professionals guide you on the best course of action for safety, as well as the health of your trees and landscape.
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At Aardvark Tree Service, our goal is always to build long-term relationships, and for many of our clients we perform all of their tree service needs. So whether you need tree removal in New Smyrna Beach, land clearing New Smyrna Beach, tree trimming, or some other service, we can do it all! And the job is never done until you are 100% satisfied with every phase of the tree service New Smyrna Beach FL. So call Aardvark Tree Service today at 386-310-8022 for a free quote, or you can use our quote form.