Most Durable Trees in Florida

most durable trees in floridaOne of the toughest states on trees in the US is Florida. That’s because of the extreme weather that occurs in that state each year – periods of drought, sometimes heavy rainfall, and let’s not forget about the occasional hurricanes. All this translates to homeowners needing to plant the most durable trees in Florida if they want to add some new ones to their landscape. So what are some good choices in trees that will hold up well in extreme weather conditions? Here are some suggestions. 

Sand Live Oaks

This a very nice-looking tree that grows up to 70-feet in height when mature. It can be planted in a wide variety of soils and resists high winds, drought, and flooding very well. It’s a semi-evergreen tree because it does have a very short 2-week period where it does shed leaves. One thing you don’t want to do is mistake a regular live oak for a sand live oak tree when making a purchase. That’s because these close sand live oak cousins tend to blow over much easier in areas where the soil is very moist.

Sabal (Cabbage) Palmetto Palm

These palms are as tough as they get. They have even been known to grow in areas that often get overwashed by saltwater. Drought, excess rain, colder temperatures, and high winds often have very little impact on them. Unlike other palms, they have a full round canopy and they can reach to heights that are as much as 60-feet. 

Gumbo Limbo (Tourist Tree)

These decorative are highly resistant to drought, excess moisture in the soil, and high winds. They are called a tourist tree because their reddish/pink bark peels like a tourist’s skin after they get a sunburn. They grow fast, get very big and have an interesting shape to them. Gumbo Limbo trees are also very salt resistant in nature. They grow up to 50-feet in height and sometimes get wider than they are tall.

Coconut Palm

One reason that coconut palm trees are found in climates like Florida all over the world, is because they are so resilient when storms and high winds impact the areas they are planted in. they feature tall, slender trunks that have elegant green fronds towards the top. These trees can grow up to 60-feet in height. One thing to note with these trees, it’s recommended to take the coconuts off them when hurricanes or high winds are forecast that will keep the coconuts from causing damage if high winds dislodge them.

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