Most Dangerous Trees To Remove

Most Dangerous Trees To RemoveGenerally, tree removal is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience, know-how, and, most importantly, the right tools. Even with all of these in place, some trees, like oaks, are just too dangerous to remove without calling in a professional.

But why are they so dangerous to remove? Here, we’ll briefly cover a few factors that make these trees particularly hazardous.


The sheer size of oak trees makes them challenging to remove. They can grow up to 40-80 inches and spread 60-100′ at maturity. Their enormous size means they need large landing areas when cutting. (1)

While those out in the fields may have more space to work with, those in urban areas are often constrained to smaller spaces. Removing them can be extremely dangerous since there is less room for error. Apart from challenges in cutting at precise angles, it’s even more hazardous working with the big chain saws needed to take them down.

They also pose a threat to onlookers. Big branches can fall and hit people, causing serious injury or death. That’s not all. No one wants to deal with expensive damage to buildings, fences, or cars that insurance companies may be unwilling to compensate for.

Oak tree removal can be a nightmare without an experienced team and the right equipment. Ensure you contract a professional tree removal service with many years of experience dealing with large trees.


While the size of an oak tree’s trunk and branches can be intimidating, the root system poses the biggest threat. They are extensive, growing up to 3-7 times wider than the tree’s canopy. The tap root goes as deep as 3–5 feet underground.

These extensive root systems give the tree stability. But in residential areas, it can intertwin with barred electric wires, water pipes, or even the foundation of your house. They may also attach to your driveways, sidewalks, or patios, making it difficult and costly to remove them.

Removing an oak tree stump without damaging these things is nearly impossible, especially without heavy machines and an experienced crew. While the stump may look small, don’t attempt to DIY the removal. The complicated root system can cause severe damage to your property and surroundings.

Difficult Cutting Process:

Oak trees have big branches that stick out far from the trunk. The cutting process gets complicated because someone has to climb up and saw them off. Operating a chainsaw up there while balancing is extremely dangerous.

It’s even more dangerous when climbing a dying or dead oak tree. The wood is often rotted and weak, making it more likely to break. Working on such a tree increases the risk of falling and getting injured.

Oak Tree Removal by a Professional Service:

You don’t have to risk damaging your property or your life attempting to remove an oak tree. Hire a professional service with the experience and equipment needed to handle the job safely.

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