Low Maintenance Shade Trees in Florida

low maintenance shade treesThere’s plenty of sunshine most of the year in Florida and so many homeowners are also looking for low maintenance shade trees that are native to the state. While it’s nice to enjoy the bright, warm sun every once in a while, if you’ve been living in the Sunshine State for a while, you’d know for sure that it can get pretty hot. 

Shade trees can decrease the temperature around you quite a bit and can even provide some comfort in your property. And we’re not mentioning the many benefits of having trees surrounding you at that. 

The problem with shade trees is that they’re usually large, they shed a lot of leaves and may need quite a bit of maintenance too. When you’re busy all the time and not quite an avid gardener, then you’re probably looking for ones that require little maintenance. 

Some Low Maintenance Shade Trees You Can Check Out

There’s always the palm tree, which is the state tree, that can provide some shade. However, taller trees offer very little help, especially during the hot summer season. Oak trees can be a good choice, but since they grow very large, you may have to call for tree trimming or tree pruning service every few years or so. 

The Florida elm grows very tall—60 to 80 feet and looks very beautiful. Although they shed quite a lot of leaves during the fall season, the leaves are small enough to make raking easy. If you have a smaller backyard, then the Hophornbeam would be more ideal for you as it only grows up to 40 feet. 

Though they may require a bit of maintenance, some evergreen shade trees such as the Gumbo-Limbo, Hollies, and Southern Magnolia are also excellent choices. 

Tree Maintenance in Ormond Beach, FL

Shade trees are highly important for most homeowners living in Florida. However, you don’t have plenty of choices when you’re looking for no or low maintenance shade trees. You need now worry because you can always call professionals for Ormond Beach tree maintenance. Aardvark Tree Service is here to assist you for Ormond Beach tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, and more. Just call us at 386-310-8022 for a free quote.