Leaning Pine Tree Removal

deland pine tree removal

Most homeowners usually have several trees that are growing in their landscape. Some of these trees may become very large over time. This is especially true for those trees that are in the pine family. There are some traits of big pine trees that necessitate their removal from time to time. Such is the case with leaning pine tree removal. 

Having a big pine tree in your yard that’s in danger of falling over in high winds or periods of extreme wet weather is not something that you ever want to risk. So have a tree expert give you a professional opinion on whether your leaning pine tree must be removed or not. Here is how you go about removing a leaning pine tree. 

Can Leaning Pine or Other Trees be Saved?

If you are considering leaning pine tree removal, you may also be wondering if a leaning tree like a pine can be saved. The answer usually is no for larger size pine trees. Smaller trees such as those less than 15 feet tall may be able to start growing straight up again with the help of cables or other bracing. That is almost certainly not the case with pine trees or other trees that are taller than that. 

Also, if a tree is leaning for a reason other than due to its natural growth, that means that most likely its root structure has been weekend which increases its chances of falling. This includes trees that are leaning because of the impact of strong winds or a flooding event that supersaturated its root structure to the point of weakening that tree. 

Choose Professional Tree Removal Over DIY Tree Removal

Ok, so you have a pine tree that is no longer growing upright and is in danger of falling on your home, car, fence, or some other place that you don’t want it to. Not to mention, it’s a threat to your family or others if it comes down during a windstorm or heavy rain. One of the most important things to keep in mind when doing leaning pine tree removal is it’s a dangerous undertaking that’s best left to professionals. That’s because it takes special knowledge and equipment to get the job done safely. The type of equipment that most homeowners do not have access to and professional tree care providers do. 

Tree professionals have the knowhow to safely bring down even the biggest trees and have lots of insurance to cover them in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

leaning pine tree removal

Other Reasons Pine Trees Need to Be Removed

Leaning pine tree removal is not the only reason that pine trees need to come down. There are even cases where it’s beneficial to remove healthy pine trees that are growing perfectly upright. Such is the case when a pine tree is growing too close to a home or other building and when a yard has become so overcrowded with pine trees, it impacts the tree and overall landscape health in a yard. 

Trees that are diseased and dying often need to be taken down before they get so weal they will come down on their own and trees hit by lighting will often die off in short order and need to be removed. So consult with an arborist or other tree care professional if you need a knowledgeable opinion as to whether or not one or more of your trees need to be removed. 

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