Is Spring a Good Time for Tree Trimming?

Depending on the growth of the tree on your property, treeSpring Tree Trimming trimming must be done every few years or so. Some trees could go an entire decade without problems, but there are others that grow limbs and branches too rapidly that you would have to trim every year or every couple of years. After a physical inspection, you would already know whether it’s time to trim the tree. When in doubt, consult with a professional tree contractor. Since spring is already officially here, many homeowners wonder whether it’s actually a good time for tree trimming. Along with the yearly spring cleaning of bedrooms and entire houses, doing some work outdoors may be necessary too. Early spring is the best time for trimming for many tree species.

In fact, many arborists recommend tree pruning at least once a year during early spring. Others would say that winter is the perfect time because of the dormant condition of trees. They will heal easily and would attract insects and diseases less. While that is true, spring is also a good time especially for trees whose flowers begin to bloom during the summer season.

Tree trimming is necessary to ensure that branches and limbs that are overgrown are removed. This is a process that’s important for the safety of the tree’s surroundings, the tree’s health, and also for aesthetic purposes. When you’re in doubt and you’re not sure whether now’s the best time for tree trimming, ask your local tree service company.

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