Hurricane preparedness is a must if you live in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, or anywhere near the east coast of Florida. As we all know, hurricanes and strong storm systems sneak up on our area with seemingly very little warning. And before you know it you are dealing with hurricane force winds that are dealing their destruction, and the roads are shut down. And yes, at this point it is too late to do anything further, so you are at the mercy of almighty mother nature. This is not a good place to be, and there are ways to prevent it. It’s just not enough to hope for a slow hurricane season, as there is too much at stake when you are lucky enough to live in a coastal town in Florida!

Over the past 15 years we have all seen the devastation that hurricanes can bring to our coastal paradise. And many times insurance companies are more worried about their bottom line than they are your well-being, and never mind hurricane deductibles. The best way to protect against all of this happening to you and your family is to make sure that your landscape and trees are properly maintained, and do not become a threat to your home or commercial building. At Aardvark Tree Service we are experts in hurricane preparedness, and work closely with our clients to make sure that your home or commercial building is ready for storm season so that you are safe and protected. We advise our clients on everything they need to do to protect their structure and family, and we’ll give you a prioritized list of items to make this happen, in order from most dangerous to least dangerous.
We have been through many, many storm clean-ups over the last several decades, and have vast experience on exactly what the dangers are when it comes to hazard trees. We will convey this expert advice to you so that you will have peace of mind when the next CAT 5 decides to come rolling through your neighborhood. We will guide you on every step of the process, and always provide fair and competitive pricing for hurricane preparedness in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, and the surrounding areas. It is always so much easier to deal with hazard trees before the storm comes, and even before hurricane season starts on June 1st, then to be in full scramble mode the day before the hurricane and a mandatory evacuation is imposed.
We prioritize your safety and ours at all times. We make sure that our team uses the proper equipment and wears safety gear when necessary. We carry full workers’ comp insurance as well.
Click to learn more about your hurricane survival kit at the national disaster planning website.
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