Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Florida homeowners know very well how devastating hurricanes can be. Though it’s still officially summer season today, it is very important to take hurricane preparedness steps before it’s too late. What are the things you need to prepare and take into consideration to ensure that your property is safe during a hurricane? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Store enough food and water supplies.
Food and water are the most important things you need to have in your home at all times. In case of hurricanes, it would be best to have extra supplies because grocery shopping might be challenging or even impossible when the weather gets bad.

2. Prepare your first aid kit.
As always, you must have a first aid kit at home. Aside from bandages, alcohol, and other items you can use for minor injuries, make sure you also have enough medicines for fever and colds, cough, antibiotics, and others.

3. Secure your light and power sources including batteries, flashlights, power banks and more.
Power outages aren’t uncommon during hurricanes. Make sure there are enough batteries to power up your flashlights and at least a radio. Charge your cell phones and have a power bank on standby in case your battery runs out.

4. Do a routine maintenance check for the overall structure of your home.
Check the roof of your home, solar panels if you have any, and the rest of the structure of your house to ensure that it is strong and stable enough to last through a hurricane.

5. Make sure there are no hazard trees on your property.
A hazard tree could damage your home and injure you during a hurricane. Make sure hazard trees on your property are removed before the rainy season comes.

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