How to Remove Tree Roots

how to remove tree roots port orangeMany people do not realize that trees not only cause problems with the parts of them that are above the soil but their roots can also be a big source of concern. This is why it’s so important to know how to remove tree roots. Something that few people actually know the proper technique for doing. Trust me when we say that this is a tree task that is well worth knowing. It can save many headaches for homeowners, especially those that have trees that are known for having a very invasive root structure.

Why Remove Tree Roots?

It’s pretty normal when someone passes over a section of sidewalk that is off level to assume that this happens because the ground in the area has settled. What they don’t realize is that there is just as strong a likelihood that this sidewalk concern was caused by large roots traveling from one of the nearby trees. The same is true with cracking sections of driveways and backyard patios. Tree roots have even been known to cause thousands of dollars in damage to foundations. Not to mention, that almost all of us know how frustrating it is to try and mow a yard that has many tree roots sticking up above the ground. This has caused the death of many lawnmower blades. All of these reasons and more are why it’s important to know how to remove tree roots.

The Best Ways to Remove Tree Roots

Here are some of the preferred methods for tree root removal:

Hand Digging and Cutting

This works best when dealing with smaller size roots. You simply have to use a shovel to dig around them and then cut them with a handsaw or big pair of tree limb cutters. Try not to cut the roots back to close the tree or it may hurt its health or even kill it.

Machine Digging and Cutting

For bigger tree roots you will need to use machines to help you get them out. An excavator or a skid-steer with a backhoe attachment will work well for this. Once larger roots have been exposed, then it will probably be necessary to cut through them with a chainsaw to remove them. Operating a chainsaw can be very dangerous, so consider leaving this type of work to tree professionals. 

Tree and Stump Removal

For trees that continue to have problematic roots, then this may be the only way to prevent further root damage around your home. These are two other very dangerous tasks that should only be undertaken by experienced tree professionals that have the right safety and tree cutting equipment for the job. Bigger size trees may even need to be taken down in sections and it may take heavy machinery to remove their root balls.

Using Chemicals to Kill Tree Roots

This is not something that we would recommend any homeowner undertaking unless they really know what they are doing. Why is that? Because if this is not done properly it can lead to the death of an entire tree. It’s also something that can kill much more of the surrounding vegetation than just the tree roots you are trying to get rid of. So, leave this job to trained tree professionals that know exactly the right way to go about doing this.

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