How to Properly Trim a Tree

how to properly trim a tree Port OrangeAmong the most common and most in-demand tree maintenance services contractors are usually called for is tree trimming. Many property owners now recognize the importance of calling a pro for such service for the benefit of the tree’s health and more importantly for safety purposes. One must know how to properly trim a tree because it can get very risky if done improperly. We’ve seen properties getting damaged and people getting hurt when tree maintenance is done incorrectly.

Trees are trimmed for three primary reasons – aesthetics, health, and safety. Just like how humans get a haircut every few months or so, a freshly trimmed tree looks so much better than a gloomy, overgrown one. By removing overgrown and weak branches, you can also let the sunshine into your property.

Tree trimming is also done for tree health reasons. When you know how to properly trim a tree, you can expect it to grow healthier and stronger. When you have a flower or fruit-bearing tree on your property, it can also help increase produce.

The most important reason for tree trimming would be safety. Overgrown and weak branches can fall off when strong winds blow. This can lead to expensive repairs when the fallen branches end up damaging your property. It can only get worse when weak trees would cause injury to humans and pets.

A basic tip to remember for proper tree trimming would be to do it during the tree’s dormant season – only except when a tree is hazardous. Doing so will not suppress growth. But of course, when you have a hazard tree, your safety is the priority so you can trim the tree any time of the year.

We highly recommend calling a professional and licensed tree service contractor if you want to trim a tree on your property. This is to assure your safety and that of the tree. Aardvark Tree Service offers tree trimming Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, DeLand, and nearby areas. You may reach us at 386-310-8022 to get a free quote.