How to Maintain Beautiful Trees

how to maintain beautiful trees port orangeMany homeowners who have yard space surrounding their house usually plant at least one tree in their property. That’s a good thing because trees provide shade, supply oxygen, and help any landscape look better at the same time. Given that there are so many trees around, it’s surprising how few people know how to keep them looking great. This article has been written as a guideline for how to maintain beautiful trees.

Take a Minimalist Approach to Tree Care

You don’t really need to constantly do things to help trees grow and stay good looking. They are about some of the most self-sufficient plants on the planet. That’s why a minimalist approach is best as far as trees are concerned. Do not mistake this for meaning they do not need any care though. Trees need water in times of drought and other tree maintenance performed on them periodically to keep them healthy.

Periodic Pruning, Crown Thinning, and Trimming

Although tree pruning, crown thinning, and tree trimming will help a tree look better right away appearance-wise, the main benefit of doing them has more to do with long term tree health. That’s because these tree maintenance tasks get rid of dead and diseased branches and allow more beneficial moisture and sunlight to penetrate deeper into a tree. This helps make most trees healthier and it’s no secret that healthy trees look better too.

Tree Shaping, Crown Topping, and Crown Raising

Tree shaping, crown topping, and crown raising are steps that are usually done on a yearly basis, depending on how fast a tree grows and the type of the tree, and they have more to do with the direct beautification of a tree. Doing these helps keep trees symmetrical and encourages them to grow that way in the future with minimal maintenance. Trees that have had any of these procedures done to them look amazing once done.

Call a Tree Professional 

Just as you need a doctor when your health takes a turn for the worst, so do the trees in your yard. Arborists do a great job of bringing unhealthy trees back to life through fertilization and injections. So don’t be afraid to seek them out when you have diseased or unhealthy looking trees in your yard. Once again, a healthy tree is a good looking tree.

When Getting Ready to Plant New Trees

There is a lot more to planting new trees in your yard than meets the eye. It’s not enough just to see a particular tree somewhere and then decide you want one of those in your yard. Any tree you are looking to plant must be a good match for your climate and the soil found in your landscape. Otherwise, a tree may not thrive in your yard no matter how much you like that type of tree. You also have to select a tree for its intended purpose too. Will it be planted to eventually create shade, privacy, as a windbreak or something else? Not all species of trees handle all these tasks well. That’s one reason it’s always a good idea to get help from a local arborist before you select which trees to plant in your yard.

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