How to Landscape Around a Tree with Exposed Roots

How to Landscape Around a Tree with Exposed Roots Port OrangeWe’ve seen trees with exposed roots many times. While some homeowners don’t mind this at all and find the aesthetic beauty behind roots on the ground surface, many more wonder how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots.

There were more than a few times when we were called to remove parts of exposed roots. Remember, if you plan to do this, it is best to call a tree expert. Removing more than 25% of the roots can kill a tree or make it weak.

If you decide, however, to simply landscape around or over those exposed roots, you can definitely do so.

Landscape Design for Exposed Tree Roots

At times, leaving exposed roots may seem like your garden is not well-maintained. If you or your family spend a lot of time in the garden, these exposed roots may also pose a hazard and cause you to trip. It isn’t great that these roots may also get easily damaged over time.

So, how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots? Here are some tips you can consider.

Add Soil or Compost

One great way for you to cover those exposed tree roots is by covering them with soil or compost. This must be done gradually over time and may take a few weeks to complete depending on the tree size and area covered by the exposed roots. Use thin layers of soil or compost at a time to give time for the tree to adjust.

Use Gravel or Pebbles

Gravel or pebbles can be very attractive in the garden and can match the rest of your landscape design too. You can use these to cover the exposed roots.

Cover with Mulch

Another way to go would be to cover the roots with wood chips or mulch. Use a barrier such as bricks or large stones to keep the wood chips in place.

Use Flowers, Grass, or Other Plants

When you add soil over the roots, you can eventually cover them with plants, grass, or flowers.

Contact Us for Port Orange Tree Maintenance

If the above tips on how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots doesn’t satisfy you, you may consider root pruning. Just make sure that you’re reaching out to an expert to get this done as this is very risky and can harm the tree’s health and may even kill it.

For tree maintenance such as tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and more in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and the surrounding areas, call Aardvark Tree Service. You may reach us at 386-310-8022 for a free quote.