How to Know Which Way A Tree Will Fall

how to know which way a tree will fall delandOne of the first things any tree removal professional learns is how to know which way a tree will fall. That’s understandable considering that if a company takes a tree down the wrong way, the results could be disastrous property damage wise and even cause injury or death. This is why tree removal is best left to experienced professionals who are very proficient at doing this task. 

There is more to tree removal than just being experienced too. This includes having the proper equipment to do this potentially hazardous tree service safely.

How Do Tree Removal Professionals Determine the Direction a Tree Will Fall?

Even though it’s highly recommended that no one that does not have the proper knowledge try to fell a tree, it must be said that getting a tree to fall in a certain direction is all about the first cut. That first cut will be one that goes about a third of the way through the tree, is done in a wedge shape, and is cut into the side of the tree that faces the direction the crew wants it to fall. This is the only way that tree professionals can be reasonably sure how to know which way a tree will fall. This is a time-tested method that has been used to guide trees down to the ground in the desired direction for many centuries now.   

Proper Tree Removal Safety Equipment

There is another fact about the cut in a tree that is intended to make it fall in a certain direction that cannot be overlooked. That’s the fact that there is no guarantee that even if this cut has been done properly the tree will not fall in another direction. That’s why it’s also important that a tree company have the right safety equipment when bringing a tree down. The most important of which is safety ropes or cables. These can be used to tug on the tree if the crew feels the tree being removed is starting to fall in the wrong direction. No one should ever try to bring down a tree in a residential neighborhood unless one or more safety ropes or cables are attached to that tree. 

Clear the Area

Since there are no guarantees when determining how to know which way a tree will fall, the importance of taking time to clear the area is critical. It’s a step that should be taken by any competent tree removal company before the first cut in the tree is ever made. This includes doing such things as removing objects that can be easily relocated elsewhere such as cars and trucks. All onlookers must also be asked to stand far back where there is no chance that they can be struck by the falling tree. The company doing the tree removal must also place crew members around the perimeter of the tree cutting site to make sure no one gets too close during the tree felling process. 

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