How to Know When a Tree Should Be Cut Down

how to know when a tree should be cut downHow to know when a tree should be cut down? As much as possible, we want to save as many trees as we can. However, there are times when a tree has to be removed from a property for a variety of reasons. Trees have a lot of purposes not just to us humans, but also to our ecosystem as a whole. They support life by producing a fresh batch of oxygen and it also provides shade and protection. Plus, they add beauty to our surroundings.

But while there are a lot of misconceptions that it is bad to harm them by cutting down, this is not always the case. To protect the other trees and the environment, some trees need to be cut down. You just have to know when. 

Trees are taken down when they are sick or dead because they can cause more harm to other trees, humans, and surrounding properties. 

Here are the signs that we should look for to answer how to know when a tree should be cut down.

Signs of Illness

Sick trees become weak and instead of giving us protection, they can cause harm and damages to our home especially if there is inclement weather present. Excessive leaf drop, leaf discoloration, rotten trunks, weak branches, and peeling barks are indications that a tree is sick. If this occurs that tree should be taken down already.

Fungus Growth

Fungus growth in a tree is an indication that a tree is ill or unhealthy. Fungi can also attack healthy trees and damaged them. The presence of fungi can be harmful to people since it can cause diseases. Fungus infected trees will have discolored and unhealthy leaves, and this is a sign that a tree should be cut down.

Pest on Trees 

When you hear pest, it is not necessarily harmful parasites, it can be birds, insects, or other animals or bugs that make a tree their living space. Some animals or insects can be dangerous or can cause noise. When this occurs, especially if the animal residing in that tree is extremely harmful, the tree should be taken down.

Invasive Roots 

Tree roots can grow in different directions, while this can be an indication that a tree is growing healthy, roots that are growing horizontally can cause damage. Invasive roots can cause damage to the land foundation which can harm your home. Aside from that, they can also cause damages to water pipes which can also be a problem. Furthermore, they can also cause accidents and damage your landscape.

Weather Damages 

When a tree is damaged by inclement weather, the most practical way to deal with it is to cut it down. Damaged trees can be a threat to your home’s safety. They may survive the inclement weather the first time, but we don’t know what might happen the next time.

Limited Space

Space is an underrated aspect of a landscape. Too much can be unpleasant to the eyes and it can also cause harm. When there is limited space in a certain landscape, it’s time to reduce some trees and redo your surroundings. 

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