How Tall Can Oak Trees Get

How Tall Can Oak Trees Get New Smyrna BeachOne of the oldest and most majestic trees you will find in many parts of the country are oak trees. Some of the older versions of this tree end up being massive in size. That often makes people wonder just exactly how tall can oak trees get. Often, they are even wider than they are tall if you can believe that. Part of the reason they can grow so big is that they are so resilient to drought, strong winds, and even ice buildup at a very young age. Their sheer size alone is what makes them a favorite of many homeowners across the United States. They are excellent shade and wind-blocking trees too.

A Few Interesting Oak Tree Facts

Before we give you dimensions on how tall can oak trees get, we will first tell you some interesting facts about these giant trees that are found in many different climate zones in America. Oak trees either belong to the genus Quercus of the beech family of trees in the Fagaceae family. There are over 600 different varieties of this tree. Most are deciduous but there are still a few evergreen versions. They thrive anywhere from cool to more tropical type weather zones. They usually live to be at least 200 years old (that explains how they grow so big) and some are thought to be over 1000 years old. This includes the 2000-year-old Pechanga Great Oak Tree which is located on an Indian reservation just south of Temecula, California.

So How Tall Do Oak Trees Get?

If you are looking for an average among all species of oak trees, then the answer to that question id 50 – 70 feet. Many species do reach heights of 100 feet or more. White oak trees tend to be the tallest of the species. Many white oaks are known to grow as tall as 144 feet. Those who know oak trees advise when planting them to give them room to grow up to 80 feet high and 80’ feet wide. As big as these trees get, after 10-12 years most only reach 10 – 15 feet in height. Just about any way that you look at it, you can expect most oak trees to end up being very tall if kept healthy and disease-free. Redwoods are just about the only tree in North America that grows consistently higher than the many oak varieties.

Oak Tree Care and Maintenance in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Now that you have learned more about how tall can oak trees get, you must have also realized that if you have one in your property, then it requires some tree care and maintenance such as New Smyrna Beach tree trimming or tree pruning. Whenever you need help with tree care services, Aardvark Tree Service is the company to call. We offer our services also in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and surrounding areas. Call us at 386-310-8022 to get a free estimate!