How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

how often should trees be trimmed Daytona BeachAlthough many of us take them for granted, we are all very lucky that trees exist. That’s because they produce much of the vital oxygen that’s in the air that we need for breathing. They also help keep soil firmly in place and make any landscape look better too. Another big misconception about trees is that they are maintenance-free. This is not true because they need to be fertilized sometimes and also watered in times of drought. Trees also need to be trimmed periodically. How often should trees be trimmed? That depends on several factors such as the ones listed below: 

The Type of Tree

Professionals will tell you that different types of trees should be trimmed at different times of the year. For instance, sap producing trees like birches, dogwoods, walnuts, and maple will make a mess if you trim them in the spring or fall when their sap level is at it’s highest. The warmer summer months are the best time to trim these trees. Flowering trees are best trimmed right after the spring bloom has fully gone through its entire cycle. Fruit trees such as apple and pear trees are best pruned during the winter months. Most trees are best trimmed at the dormancy stage so that the tree trimming procedure won’t suppress the tree’s growth. 

Tree Appearance

Even an untrained eye can tell when a tree looks bad and needs to be trimmed. It will look overgrown with branches and limbs that are growing too close to each other. A tree will also appear misshapen when it’s time to give it a trim. So the visual appearance of any tree is a factor in determining when to trim it.

Tree Age

One of the biggest factors on how often to trim trees is tree age. That’s because it’s critical to keep young trees trimmed. This helps to keep them stay healthy and makes them grow in the proper shape.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that tree trimming is a spring or fall task. Different types of trees like to be trimmed at different times of the year. You will need to do some research in order to learn what is the best time of year to trim the different species of trees in your yard. Most tree care service providers can answer this question for you too if you know the types of trees you have in your yard. Better yet, schedule a professional tree service to come out and do that job for you. There are experts when it comes to trimming trees properly and not harming any tree’s health while trimming it. The same cannot always be said for amateur tree trimmers.

One exception to any tree maintenance rule would be when you have a hazard tree on your property. You don’t have to wait until a tree is about to fall down or the best season for tree trimming. When you are dealing with hazard trees, rules about how often should trees be trimmed do not apply anymore. 

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