How Much to Rent a Stump Grinder

How Much to Rent a Stump Grinder Ormond BeachIf there’s a stump on your yard you’ve been wanting to remove for a while now, then you must be wondering how much to rent a stump grinder. A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that’s used to grind tree stumps that are too large and hard to take out manually. These are stumps with roots that extend a little too deep underground, which makes it close to impossible to remove with just a few small tools. 

A great alternative would be to call a tree service company to request assistance. Most tree companies offer stump removal services that can either grind those wood stumps into tiny pieces until it’s flat on the ground or remove an entire stump as a whole.

Stump Grinder Rental Cost 

The actual cost of how much to rent a stump grinder would vary depending on several factors such as your location, the type of stump grinder you need, the number of days you need to use it, and more. Home Advisor identifies $90 to $440 as the typical price range for stump grinder rental with an average of $270. These are daily rates that will, of course, increase depending on how long you need to use the stump grinder. 

It’s also important to remember that when you rent equipment such as a stump grinder, you must know how to use it, or you might have to hire someone who will be able to do that job for you. 

This is why many would opt to call a tree service company for assistance. Aside from being fully-equipped with all tree service tools including stump grinders, a tree service company also has a knowledgeable and experienced crew who can help get the job done for you. 

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Now that you know how much to rent a stump grinder, it would be best to know as well how much it is if you’re going to hire a professional to help you out. Aardvark Tree Service offers stump removal services in Ormond Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 386-310-8022 to get a free quote today!