How Much Should Tree Trimming Cost?

How Much Should Tree Trimming Cost New Smyrna BeachIf you are looking for an answer to the question how much should tree trimming cost, you should know that’s not a question that can be easily answered. That’s because there are so many factors that determine how much it costs to trim a tree.

What are some of these? That’s what we are about to go over with you. Some are very obvious and others may come as a surprise to you.

Tree Height

When determining how much should tree trimming cost, the height of the tree will always be a factor. That’s because the higher up that a crew has to go to trim a tree, the more difficult and dangerous the tree trimming task gets. It only stands to reason that the job will also cost you more to have completed for you. This also factors in such additional costs as more sophisticated tools, safety rigging, and lift equipment that it takes to get the job done.

Tree Diameter of the Branches Being Trimmed

While it usually requires no extra effort to cut off medium to small size branches on a tree, that’s hardly the case when it comes to sawing off larger size branches. On bigger trees, this may even require branches to be taken off in small sections for the job to proceed along smoothly. Something that can be a painstaking process and almost as difficult to do as taking down a whole tree. Once again, the more steps that it takes to complete a tree trimming task, the more a tree trimming project will cost. That’s why many tree companies will do a site inspection before giving a customer a price to trim their trees.

Tree Species

When figuring out how much should tree trimming cost, a professional tree trimming company will also factor in what type of tree is being trimmed. This is done because some species of trees are much more difficult to trim than others. This can have to do with the density of the branches that are inherent to a particular tree species, the ruggedness of the bark on a tree, and how thick in diameter the branches on the tree species that is being trimmed are. More difficult species of trees to trim, such as palm trees, will usually cost a little more than some other types of trees when it comes to trimming them.

Tree Location

When a tree is in the middle of a yard and not next to other big trees, it should be relatively simple to get the right equipment up close to it to make it easy to trim. This is hardly the case when it comes to trees that are next to homes, buildings, power lines, or other areas where greater tree trimming care must be taken. So, it will cost you more to have a tree trimmed that is near obstacles and hazards than one that is unobstructed in the middle of a landscape. If you think about it, it only makes sense for a tree trimming company to charge more when the job becomes more difficult because of a tree’s location in a yard.

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