How Long Does the Oak Tree Live?

how long does the oak tree live new smyrna beachHow long does the oak tree live? An oak tree is one of the most majestic looking trees we have on our planet. They’re huge and grand and they have existed way longer than humans. There are more than 500 species of an oak tree today, each with varying appearance and lifespan.

Oak trees play a very important role in our ecosystem by feeding various animals with their acorns. They also provide shade and protection to other species and they help clean the air we breathe. At present, oak trees are one of the best sources of raw materials for home construction and furniture.

Curious to find out how long does an oak tree live? The answer is between 50 to 1000 years, depending on species. Below is the lifespan of some of the most common species of an oak tree. 

Common Oak Tree Varieties

Long-Lived Oak Tree Varieties. Long-lived oak trees usually live between 150 to 1000 years. This type of oak tree can generally be found in the forests. In Louisiana, there is a certain type of oak tree called Quercus Virginiana or Southern Living Oak, which is believed to live up to 1500 years of age. Red Oak and White Oak, which are very common, are also considered long-lived varieties.

Long-lived oak trees mature when they begin to bloom and bear fruits at around 40-50 years. It will continue to be productive over the next hundreds of years, peaking at around 80-120 years, and will rest after 300 years. It will repeat its cycle after resting for another 300 years. A matured oak can grow up to 45 meters tall with wide-spreading branches. The onset of old age is when the matured oak reaches 700 years old, it will grow slowly and will produce fewer acorns. The oak is nearing the end of its life at 1000 years old, wherein some parts of it will start to die.

Short-lived Oak Tree Varieties. The short-lived oak tree includes the most common water oak and the laurel oak which are both native to the Southeast. They are estimated to live about 50 to 60 years which is considered a very short lifespan. Short-lived oak is also widespread and can be found in various places on the planet.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Oak Trees

While the lifespan of oak trees depends on their type and species, other factors also affect their longevity. Naturally, oak trees found in the forests are long-lived but if you want to plant one, you must know if the type you have is going to thrive in your area.

All oak trees thrive in areas that are exposed to the sun frequently however, the need for water will depend on the type as well. Some oak trees need a little amount of water like the valley oak that thrives in dry areas. Water oak, however, requires a lot of watering especially during the dry, winter season. 

Other factors that affect the lifespan include environmental conditions, soil, pests, and diseases.

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