Hardest Trees To Remove

Generally, tree removal is a difficult task, but some trees can be especially hard to remove. They require more workforce and equipment and often take longer.

Here, we will discuss some of the hardest trees to remove in New Smyrna Beach. We also explain what makes them challenging to remove and the best ways to tackle them.

Which are the hardest trees to remove?

Oak Trees

trmming oak trees port orangeOak trees are some of the toughest trees to remove in New Smyrna Beach. These big beautiful trees pose some significant challenges when cutting them down.

Firstly, Oak trees have large canopies meaning the branches spread wide and often too close to buildings or other trees. That only means removing them takes a lot of work. For instance, you need to cut each branch individually and zip-lining them down.

Furthermore, they have a robust root system, making them harder to uproot. The roots spread outwards to about 75-250 feet and often reach below your house, patio, or walkways. You don’t just pull the stump out of the ground, less you risk damaging your property.

Palm Trees

Dangers of Palm Tree Removal in New Smyrna BeachPalms are also among the hardest trees to remove in New Smyrna Beach. These tall magnificent trees can be pleasing to look at but a nightmare to remove.

Palm trees are a huge challenge to remove, mainly because of the trunks. The plant fiber that makes up the trunk grows as a massive bundle of glass-like blades.

This fibrous body is hard on a saw blade and challenging to run through a wood chipper. The texture and density of the wood make palm trees challenging to remove.

Eucalyptus Trees

Hardest Trees To Remove - Eucalyptus TreeEucalyptus Trees are some of the toughest trees to remove in New Smyrna Beach. The broad, tall trees have super thick and strong trunks, making them basically clad in armor.

The thick, strong material requires a heavy-duty chipper shredder. Additionally, the backs are extremely stringy and fibrous, making them hard to cut and process. Furthermore, their leaves cannot go through a shredder, making them difficult to remove. (1)

Work With Professional Tree Services in New Smyrna Beach

While these trees are hard to remove, that does not mean it’s impossible. Working with professional tree removal service providers is the best way to remove them. You can get rid of any tree safely and efficiently with the right team, tools, and dedication.

At Aardvark Tree Service, we’ve been helping clients in New Smyrna Beach remove their toughest trees for nearly two decades. We have a team of experienced, professional, and dedicated arborists. Our company services Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, and the surrounding communities.  For more information about our quote and tree removal services, contact us today via email or phone (386) 310-8022).

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